Driveway cleaning

At Castle Cleaning we have invested heavily in the best pressure washers to get the very best result when cleaning your drive

At 4,000 PSI and 13HP our powerful pressure washers blast away all soil and moss in conjunction with our Rotary tool that will keep all the mess from transferring onto your home

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaners

Once we have rinsed down the surface we would then leave the bricks to dry before re-sanding and or sealing.


One major bug bear our clients have is the rapid re-soiling and moss and weed growth associated with Block Paving.

Once the drive is dry either an Acrylic Or Polyurethene Coating can be applied to seal and protect the drive this will also inhibit weed growth.

Block Paving before Patio Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning Before after

Driveway Cleaning Before after


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