Professional Upholstery Cleaner

upholstery cleaner

Upholstery cleaner


Professional Upholstery cleaner covering Bromley & Chislehurst Dartford & Bexley Sidcup & Orpington Beckenham, Biggin Hill and Croydon

Upholstery is a fabric in the home that is all too often overlooked as something that too needs routine maintenance.

How many times a year are your favourite clothes Laundered? How many times do you valet your car?

Upholstery attracts more soil in a day than probably your clothes do in a week!! So having it professionally cleaned once a year should be an essential note in your diary or year planner

At Castle Cleaning carpet cleaners we have attended courses and over the years acquired the knowledge to make us proficient in this field.

Things a professional Upholstery Cleaner should be able to determine

1) The type of Fibre used to construct the suite (Cotton, Viscose, Man-Made ie Polyester Draylon etc)

2) The Pile of the Fabric (Velvet, Chenille, flock etc)

3) The weave (Flat, Jacquard, Satin, twill)

4) Risk of Colour Bleed/Dye Migration

5) Chance of Shrinkage

Only armed with the above knowledge can a suite be safely and professionally cleaned by choosing the correct (Wet, Dry, Wet-Dry) methods

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Upholstery cleaner

Upholstery Cleaner


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