Patio and Driveway Cleaner

Professional patio and driveway cleaner covering Bromley & Chislehurst Dartford & Bexley Sidcup & Orpington Beckenham, Biggin Hill and Croydon

Block Paving Cleaning and Sealing:

Most Patio and driveway cleaner techs will use a 4000 PSI Pressure washer the Bricks and are cleaned thoroughly removing all moss and old sand is blown away.  The surface is then allowed to dry for 3-5 days and a high quality seal is applied after new fresh Kiln Dried Sand is brushed into the Gaps.

patio and driveway cleaner

patio and driveway cleaner

Patio Cleaning and Sealing:

Using slightly lower pressure the slabs are cleaned, the stones are then allowed to dry for 3-5 days. Then a high Quality Smart Seal Patio sealers is applied by roller, this protects the slabs and prevents rapid re-soiling.

patio and driveway cleaner


Tarmac Restoration

Driveway is pressure cleaned using 4000 PSI pressure washer, cosmetic repairs are made using cold lay tarmac.  Then the Driveway is bought back to life using Tarma Seal, tarmac renovator

Imprinted Concrete Restoration

Surface is first pressure cleaned using 4000 PSI cold water.  This is allowed to dry then using a colour additive that matches the colour of the initial driveway the seal is built up over various coats until the driveway looks like new!

Decking and Garden Furniture Cleaning and Restoration

The deck area is pressure cleaned using lower pressure ratios than the ones listed above to avoid splintering the wood.  The deck is then chemical washed with a high quality Anti-Fungal treatment to remove all remaining Moss or Algae.  The best way to maintain a decking is then to coat it with oil.

patio and driveway cleaner

patio and driveway cleaner



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